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Gemstones From Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Afghansitan have  large reserves of mineral ores and gemstones.  gemstones include a variety of minerals such as peridot, aquamarine, topaz,ruby,emerald,Nephrite,Lapis Lazuli, making these countries significant in the mineral world .Producing high to medium quality of gemstones rough and mineral specimens.

  We specialized in gemstone rough from Pakistan and Afghanistan and pleased to offer it to dealers,cutters,lapidary,factories,Museums and colleoters.

We have direct mine sources and offer faceting and cabbing rough of all grades.We also offer hand selected Crystals lots for jewelry designers to make stunning jewelry with natural terminated crystals.

We can supply you all about gems or head you in right direction.


Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis is being mined out from Badakhshan Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli is one the best stone produce from afghanistan and  oldest of all gems, with a history stretching back some 7000 years or more. This mineral is important not just as a gem, but also as a pigment, for ultramarine is produced from crushed lapis lazuli (this is why old paintings using ultramarine for their blue pigments never fade). 

We would like to offer this lovely stone for cutting/cabbing and crafting with no minimum for collectors,cutters and factories.

 Contact us for price to [email protected]

Nephrite Jade.

   light to dark green nephrite from Afghanistan and Pakistan,

 We are pleased to offer nephrite for cutters ,lapidary and dealers and factories.

 Contact us price with your required demand.No minimum.

[email protected]

RG-14 : Smokey quartz crystals.

Location : Pakistan.

Weght : 660 grams.  35 crystals.

size : 4.8 to 41 grams crystals.

  Its a lovely lot of smokey quartz crystals,pale brown with perfect termination.,most of the crystals are double terminated ,umdmaged  with minor chips during carriage mishandling.

  95% crystals are gemmy transparent. while few one are totaly eye clean or having most of the portion is eye clean ,could cut to eye clean stone ..


 This lovely lot is good deal for dealers,jewelry designers.and cuter,but i dont recommend to cut these lovely crystals,

PM me for price with code number  to [email protected] 

RG-10: Peridot.

Location : Supat.Pakistan

Size : 2.5 - 10 grams pcs
Weight : 244 grms/44 pcs-average size 5.5 grams/pc
Price : PM to [email protected]

 Hand graded Lovely lot of hand graded gemmy peridot crystals.this lot is consist of several terminated undamaged crystals.Each and every stone is entirely or partially transparent,could cut to gemmy cabochon ,may cut to  few gemmy cut stones.

RG-7: Elbait Tourmaline.

Location L Afghanistan.
Size : 4-12 mm
Weight : 5-25 ct
Weight: 95 gm/165 pcd,
Price : PM me to [email protected]

   Mix lot of terminated crystals,specimens,cabbing and faceting rough.Its light green transparent crystals,few crystals  are water melon.there are .5 to 2 carat crystals are facet grade.

RG-8 Tourmaline.

Locations : Astaknale.Pakistan.

Size : 10-27 mm, .5 ct-10 grams pcs.

Weight : 106 gms/ 37 pcs. 

Price :on request

 This lovely lot of tourmaline is consist of  multicolor transparent cap.

single and double terminated crystals and specimens.

  Good deal for dealers and jewelry designers.lovely crystals of transparent cap is good for jewelry desinging.

RG-15 : Quarttz faceting rough.
weight : 870 grams.37 pieces.
size : 5 to 212 grams pieces
Price : inquire with lot number through message.
We are pleased to offer this lovely lot of faceting rough brilliant white quartz.95 % of this lot cut to eye clean stones.having brilliant luster.

 I am also doubtful about this lot,not confirm whether its quartz or some other stone,but it  has high luster stones cut to eye clean yield of good sizes.

RG-11 Peridot.

Location : Supat .Pakistan.

Size: 2.5-11 ct/pc..7-16 mm

Weight : 30 grams/34 pcs.

Price: UC $ 30

 This is lovely lot of light green peridot terminated crystals.undamage gemmy crystals.These crystals have great gem transparency and terminated,all crystal are cut to great gems.


Aquamarine Cabbing rough and crystals

Location : Pakistan

Weight : 240 grams>99 pieces

Price : SOLD

  I am so much delighted to offer this intence blue color Cabbing rough and crystals,Nice color,tanasparent with inclusion ,good for cabbing, wire rapping  or use as healing crysals,

Ruby Crystals /Cabbing rough

Location : Afghanistan

Weight : 78 grams .85 crystals.

Price : SOLD


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